Xbox vs PlayStation: Which is better?

The next generation of gaming consoles and devices has been solely dominated by the advancements made by two rivalling tech companies, Sony and Microsoft, with both firms now often showcasing their next wave of upgrades for their signature consoles with every passing year.

One of the many queries that often springs to mind when comparing both of the manyhighpoints that each company has offer with its many products may usually come in the form of the preference for either flagship console.

Xbox One Series or PlayStation 5.

Fans of either console will provide their own arguments and cases as to which one they view is more superior and best suited for a gamers needs.

Whether you’re an Xbox fan or a PS regular, there is plenty to enjoy from both consoles given the amazing listings of Triple A titles that are released every year, as well as the sheer magnitude of content that both consoles provide.

With that being said, it may be key to dive further into the many uses that each console aims to attribute towards its user’s outlasting experience, as well as what the main pros and cons are of owning one console over another.

Let’s compare both the Xbox One Series and PlayStation 5 to gain a more valuable insight into which one could be considered to be the slightly more favorited console amongst fans:

  • Console Exclusives:

Having a vast and credible listing of available titles to play is key for the success of any games console, such as the many vibrant online slots presented on the Virgin Games webpage, with both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles offering a variety of amazing titles that are only exclusive to play on one console.

While the Microsoft license does allow Xbox players to enjoy the luxuries and nostalgia of the popular Halo franchise as well as other notable selections such as Forza Horizon and Microsoft Flight Simulator, which are both critically acclaimed titles in their own way, Sony simply has the upper hand in this department.

Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Shadow of the Colossus, Ghost of Tsushima, Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn and even God of War are all celebrated franchises that are a key part of the Sony license.

If you’re planning on picking out one of these two consoles to enjoy the exclusive titles that are presented on either device, PlayStation is without the question the better version to enjoy some of the many licensed releases as these can often rank amongst some of the best titles in the gaming industry and are widely merited by a number of active players and critics alike.

Gamepass vs PlayStation Plus:

Both the Xbox and PS offer a similar range of titles that are free to download when setting up a multiplayer account that requires a monthly subscription.

The PS Plus certainly offers its fair share of classics and often newly released titles that could be sighted as hidden gems, that maybe well worth the download, yet Microsoft’s Gamepass selection is likely the more superior alternative due to the vast number of titles that are available throughout the year as well as the recent addition of EA Play.

This has allowed players to download a number of other titles from the popular game developers Electronic Arts, which includes several classic titles such as Dead Space and Skate as well as various prior iterations of their renowned yearly released sports game franchises Madden and FIFA.

Alongside these welcoming additions, the Gamepass can also include several welcoming add-ons at the start of every month, with some new releases often being a part of this bundle which has included the NBA 2K series and State of Decay amongst others, with all this coming at the generous price of just £10 a month with the Xbox Live Gold Ultimate package which is certainly worth the purchase.

  • Controller:

Of course, this is the most important part of the selection process between an Xbox and PlayStation as this will be the device that you will be holding whilst playing on either console.

Microsoft has not made any changes or significant updates to its controller that was present on the current gen iteration of the Xbox One, with next gen’s Xbox Series also being compatible with the same controller.

However, Sony’s release of the PS5 saw the immediate addition of a new controller which sent the internet and gaming community into a frenzy following its announcement.

Whilst both controllers have their major draws and flaws, it is often difficult to pinpoint which one is the overall better device for a gamer’s experience.

Arguably, the PS5 controller is certainly the more glamorous and is probably best suited to enjoy single player titles, yet when playing online it may simply struggle to match the simplicity and overall feel that the Xbox controller provides which is possibly best suited for online play.

Overall, both consoles have their quality and needs but are possibly best suited for the requirements of the user, meaning that judging by the pros and cons listed above, if you’re looking to enjoy the simplicity of single player games then it may be best suited to purchase a PlayStation whilst an Xbox consoleis perhaps better for a majority ofmultiplayer games.

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