The elite 800 wireless from Turtle Beach

In the branch of gaming peripherals, audio plays a cardinal role in adorning the gaming acquaintance to new heights. Among the countless of options available, the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 stands out as a wireless angle that promises not aloof sound, but an immersive audio adventure. Let’s dive into the apple of Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 Wireless and analyze what sets it afar in the aggressive mural of gaming headsets.

Wireless Freedom: Cutting the Cord, Not the Quality

One of the defining actualization of the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 is its wireless capability. In a gaming apple that demands activity and abandon of movement, the absence of cords can be a game-changer. The Aristocratic 800 utilizes avant-garde wireless technology to accommodate a seamless affiliation amid the angle and your gaming console. This not alone reduces the ataxia about your gaming bureaucracy but additionally ensures that you are not tethered to your device, acceptance you to move advisedly after compromising on audio quality.

Immersive Beleaguer Sound: Above Gaming Realities

For a gaming angle to absolutely excel, it needs to bear an audio acquaintance that goes above bald complete and immerses the amateur in the basic world. The Aristocratic 800 achieves this with its DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Beleaguer Sound. This technology creates a three-dimensional audio experience, acceptance players to define the administration of in-game sounds with arresting accuracy. Whether it’s the attenuate footsteps of an abutting adversary or the abroad boom of thunder, the Aristocratic 800 brings the bold apple to life, acceptable both the gameplay and the all-embracing gaming atmosphere.

Active Babble Cancellation: Silence the Outside World

In the anarchic branch of online gaming, distractions are aplenty. The Aristocratic 800 addresses this with its alive babble abandoning feature. By intelligently allegory and abandoning out alien sounds, it ensures that your focus charcoal absolutely on the game. This is not aloof a affluence but a necessity, abnormally in aggressive gaming scenarios area burning decisions can be the aberration amid achievement and defeat.

Customizable Audio Presets: Tailoring Complete to Preferences

Recognizing that every gamer has altered preferences back it comes to audio, Turtle Beach has able the Aristocratic 800 with customizable audio presets. These presets acquiesce users to fine-tune the angle according to their liking, whether they adopt booming bass for an action-packed chance or bright highs for a added cardinal gaming experience. This akin of customization ensures that the Aristocratic 800 caters to a assorted ambit of gaming genres and alone preferences.

Dual Rechargeable Batteries: Ceaseless Gaming Sessions

Wireless headsets about face the claiming of array life, and Turtle Beach has addressed this by accouterment the Aristocratic 800 with bifold rechargeable batteries. While one array admiral the headset, the added can be charged, ensuring that gamers can seamlessly about-face amid them for ceaseless gaming sessions. This anxious architecture eliminates the charge for common interruptions to recharge, acceptance players to asperse themselves in continued gaming marathons.

Intuitive Controls: Effortless Command over Audio

The Aristocratic 800 boasts an automatic ascendancy arrangement that puts the adeptness of audio administration at the player’s fingertips. The earcups affection calmly attainable buttons for adjusting volume, activating beleaguer sound, and toggling assorted audio presets. The admittance of blow controls adds a affected touch, acceptance users to accomplish quick adjustments with a simple swipe. This akin of ascendancy ensures that gamers can acclimate to alteration in-game scenarios after breaking their focus or flow.

Comfortable Design: Continued Gaming Sessions Made Easy

A angle adeptness accept cutting-edge features, but if it’s not comfortable, it’s absurd to win the favor of gamers. Turtle Beach has paid accurate absorption to the architecture of the Aristocratic 800, ensuring that it not alone looks glassy but additionally provides abiding comfort. The anamnesis cream ear cushions and adjustable chaplet baby to a array of arch sizes, while the breathable actual prevents ache during abiding gaming sessions. This focus on abundance makes the Aristocratic 800 a reliable accompaniment for gamers who commence on continued gaming adventures.

Versatility Beyond Platforms: Gaming After Boundaries

The gaming association is diverse, with players advance beyond altered platforms. Recognizing this, Turtle Beach has advised the Aristocratic 800 to be versatile, seamlessly abutting to a array of gaming consoles. Whether you’re a PlayStation, Xbox, or PC gamer, the Aristocratic 800 ensures that you can adore its exceptional actualization beyond altered platforms, breaking bottomward the barriers that about abide amid gaming ecosystems.

Pros and Cons


Wireless Freedom: The Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 provides a wireless gaming experience, eliminating the constraints of cords and acceptance for complete movement during gameplay.

Immersive Beleaguer Sound: The DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Beleaguer Complete technology delivers a affluent and immersive audio experience, acceptable the all-embracing gaming atmosphere.

Active Babble Cancellation: The alive babble abandoning affection ensures that alien distractions are minimized, acceptance gamers to break focused on the in-game action.

Customizable Audio Presets: The adeptness to adapt audio presets caters to alone preferences, accouterment adaptability for altered gaming genres and claimed tastes.

Dual Rechargeable Batteries: The admittance of bifold rechargeable batteries ensures continued gaming sessions after common interruptions for recharging.

Intuitive Controls: The angle actualization automatic controls, including blow controls, for accessible and quick adjustments to volume, beleaguer sound, and audio presets.

Comfortable Design: The anamnesis cream ear cushions and adjustable chaplet accord to a adequate design, authoritative it acceptable for abiding gaming sessions.

Versatility Beyond Platforms: The Aristocratic 800 is accordant with assorted gaming platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, accouterment versatility for gamers who use altered systems.


High Price Point: The exceptional actualization of the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 appear at a cost, and it may be advised almost big-ticket compared to added gaming headsets in the market.

Battery Activity Concerns: While the bifold rechargeable batteries abate array activity apropos to some extent, users adeptness still acquisition the charge to administer array activity anxiously during continued gaming sessions.

Learning Ambit for Controls: The blow controls, while futuristic, may accept a slight acquirements ambit for some users, and adventitious touches could advance to adventitious adjustments.

Bulky Design: The design, while comfortable, adeptness be advised beefy by some users, impacting the all-embracing artful address for those who adopt a added automated look.

Limited Blush Options: The angle may accept bound blush options, akin personalization choices for users who adopt a added customized appearance.

Bluetooth Connectivity Limitations: While advised primarily for gaming consoles, the Aristocratic 800’s Bluetooth connectivity adeptness accept limitations or bargain functionality back acclimated with assertive devices.

Dependency on Wireless Connectivity: While wireless connectivity is a pro, it additionally makes the angle abased on a abiding wireless connection, and users in areas with arrest adeptness acquaintance casual connectivity issues.

Limited Alien Complete Monitoring: The alive babble cancellation, while effective, adeptness absolute the acquaintance of alien sounds, which could be a affair for gamers who adopt to adviser their ambience during gameplay.

Conclusion: Adorning Gaming Audio to Aristocratic Levels

In the ever-evolving mural of gaming peripherals, the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 Wireless Angle stands out as a alarm of addition and quality. From its wireless abandon to immersive beleaguer sound, customizable presets, and adequate design, every aspect of the Aristocratic 800 is geared appear acceptable the gaming experience. As gaming continues to evolve, the Aristocratic 800 proves itself to be not aloof a angle but an capital accompaniment for those gluttonous to drag their gaming audio to aristocratic levels.


Is the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 accordant with all gaming platforms?

The Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 is advised to be able and is accordant with assorted gaming platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. However, it’s capital to analysis for specific affinity with your gaming animate or device.

How continued does the array of the Aristocratic 800 last, and is it replaceable?

The bifold rechargeable batteries of the Aristocratic 800 accommodate continued gaming sessions. The exact array activity may alter based on usage, but the bifold array arrangement allows for seamless switching amid answerable batteries. While the batteries are rechargeable, they adeptness accept a lifespan, and backup options could depend on the manufacturer’s policies.

Can I use the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 for non-gaming purposes, such as alert to music or watching movies?

Yes, the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 is not bound to gaming and can be acclimated for assorted audio purposes, including alert to music and watching movies. Its high-quality audio features, such as DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Beleaguer Sound, accomplish it acceptable for a assorted ambit of audio experiences.

How able is the alive babble abandoning feature, and can it be adjusted?

The alive babble abandoning affection of the Aristocratic 800 is advised to abbreviate alien distractions effectively. Users can about toggle this affection on or off. While the capability may alter in altered environments, it’s about advised to enhance the gaming acquaintance by abbreviation exceptionable ambient noise.

Are there altered presets for audio, and can I actualize my own custom presets?

The Aristocratic 800 comes with customizable audio presets that acquiesce users to acclimatize the angle according to their preferences. These presets about accommodate options for altered gaming genres or audio preferences. Some models may additionally acquiesce users to actualize their own custom presets for a added alone audio experience.

How adequate is the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 for continued gaming sessions?

The Aristocratic 800 is advised with abundance in mind, featuring anamnesis cream ear cushions and an adjustable headband. While abundance is abstract and varies from actuality to person, the ambition is to accommodate a adequate gaming acquaintance alike during abiding gaming sessions.

Can the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 be acclimated while charging?

Depending on the specific model, the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800 may or may not abutment acceptance while charging. It’s appropriate to accredit to the artefact chiral or blueprint to actuate whether the angle can be acclimated while charging.

Is there assurance advantage for the Turtle Beach Aristocratic 800, and what does it include?

Warranty advantage varies by arena and retailer. Generally, Turtle Beach provides a bound assurance for their products, accoutrement accomplishment defects. It’s recommended to analysis the assurance capacity provided by Turtle Beach or the banker at the time of purchase.

Does the Aristocratic 800 accept a adaptable app for added settings and customization?

Some gaming headsets, including the Turtle Beach Aristocratic series, may accept accompaniment adaptable apps that action added settings and customization options. These apps may acquiesce users to fine-tune audio settings, amend firmware, and admission added features. Analysis the Turtle Beach website or artefact affidavit for advice on whether the Aristocratic 800 has a committed app.

How does the Aristocratic 800 handle mic monitoring, and is the microphone removable?

The Aristocratic 800 about actualization a congenital microphone with mic ecology capabilities. Mic ecology allows users to apprehend their own articulation in the headset, accouterment acknowledgment on their speaking volume. As for the microphone actuality removable, this depends on the specific model, and users should analysis the artefact blueprint to affirm whether the microphone is detachable

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