Boruto: Naruto the Movie – Who is Metal Lee’s Mom?

Those who have been watching the Boruto anime series may want to know who is metal lee’s mom. This may seem odd but the character, who is referred to as a ninja in the series, has a unique eye color. In addition, the character has an unusually strong body that he uses to fight and protect himself.

Does Gaara has a kid?

Whether Gaara Lee is Metal Lee’s mom is not an easy question to answer. The answer has been a mystery for years. However, the creators are hesitant to reveal this information. They want to leave the mystery unsolved for a while.

The only information we have about the mother of Metal Lee is that she is an unknown woman. She appears to be very close to Neji. She is also very good at metal bending. Moreover, she has a daughter named ChoCho.

The mystery of Metal Lee’s mother could explain Metal Lee’s unusual powers. He has the ability to externally discharge chakra. This is a very dangerous Taijutsu. Moreover, it also allows him to become unpredictable.

It is also possible that Metal Lee was produced asexually. However, this would not explain whether or not Gaara Lee is Metal Lee’s mother.

It is also possible that Rock Lee is the father of Metal Lee. He is also a Jonin of Hidden Leaf Village. Rock Lee is also a renowned ninja and has an impressive track record in the Naruto War. He has also fought the One-Tailed Beast.

Is Metal Lee Rock Lee’s biological son?

Among the many mystery characters in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, one of the most intriguing questions is: who is Metal Lee’s mother? His mother has never been introduced in the series, but is there any proof that she is his mother?

Metal Lee is a genie in Konohagakure’s Lee clan, and he is the only remaining member of the clan. He is known for his sharp eyes and thick eyebrows. He wears a green jumpsuit with orange leg warmers. He also wears a scarf and bandages over his hands. He has dark eyes and shiny black hair.

Metal Lee has an unusual resemblance to his father Rock Lee. They are both shy socially awkward and prone to stage fright. They also have a strong bond. Rock Lee has always been very protective of Metal, and they have had a strong bond since he was a kid.

According to Kishimoto, the creator of the series, Rock Lee was not a biological son of Might Guy. However, it is possible that Might Guy produced Metal asexually.

Who did Rock Lee have a child with?

During Naruto Shippuden, many fans have wondered who was Rock Lee’s mother. His mother is not mentioned in the main series, but the spin-off series did mention her. It is not yet known what her role is in the series, but her role could be significant.

In the spin-off series, Rock Lee’s mother is mentioned, but her role is not defined. This could indicate that she is a minor character and not important to the storyline. It also means that the information about her is based on fan-generated observations.

There are also some theories about her. Some fans have suggested that she is the mother of Metal. Others have suggested that she is a woman named Kurotsuchi. But she has never been seen with Rock Lee.

Other theories include that she is the mother of Tenten. This is because she has a similar eye resemblance to Metal. She was also seen with Tenten during the 4th Shinobi World War. Lastly, she is one of the few characters to have a surname besides her mother’s.

Who is Orochimaru wife?

Despite his name, Orochimaru has never married or had a wife. He does have two cloned sons though. One is named Log and the other is named Mitsuki.

Log is Orochimaru’s oldest son. He was created in a lab using genetic cloning. He is tall, has golden eyes and a long hooded cloak. He is also very skilled in ninjutsu. He carries his sword vertically across his back.

Log is also very intelligent. He is capable of performing the Sage Transformation. Despite being a clone, he rebelled against his father and destroyed the embryo that created him. He then adopted the name Log. He eventually became a shinobi and is now in the company of Kakashi Hatake.

Mitsuki is Orochimaru’s younger son. He is created using the same embryo as the older brother. He is highly skilled shinobi and is a member of the Konoha team. He helps the team win battles. He is derived from the Chinese zodiac sign of Tsuki and Mi. He has the strength of a ninja but is told by his father to downplay his origins.

Who is Might Guy’s son?

Those who have been fans of the Naruto franchise know that Might Guy is one of the most powerful ninja in Konoha. He is also the leader of Team Guy. He is a taijutsu master and a master of ninjutsu. He has the ability to dispel high-level genjutsu. He has a strong jawline and thick features.

Might Guy is a good guy. He is a dedicated shinobi who is also an optimist. He has a great jawline, a thick nose, and black hair. He is a good leader and a good ninja. He is also known for his hand signs. He is also a fan of taijutsu.

He has a lot of pride and self-confidence. He is a bundle of energy. He is one of the few shinobi in Konoha that believes in the power of youth. He is a taijutsu expert, he knows how to use ninjutsu, he knows how to dispel high-level genjutsu, and he has the ability to unlock all eight inner gates.

One of the most interesting aspects of Might Guy is his lineage. His father was Might Duy. He was also a shinobi of Konohagakure. He is sometimes referred to as Eternal Genin. He is the only redeemable part of the Eternal Genin.

How old is Naruto in Boruto?

Unlike most series, Boruto does not have an exact age for the main character. However, the characters have many parallels to Naruto. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto was 17 years old. He was the Hokage during that time. Naruto has a younger sister named Himawari.

Himawari Uzumaki is the younger of the two children born to Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki. She is two years younger than her older brother. They are both born a few months before the Fourth Great Ninja War begins.

Boruto’s age is not known in the show, but fans have been able to calculate some of the age measures in the show. Boruto’s age during the first episode is 12 years old. However, Boruto is noted to be 16 years old in the flash forward.

Boruto is also the first child of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki. Hinata is older than Boruto but not much younger than Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke is about three years older than Hinata. He is also the Hokage.

Boruto has a good relationship with his mother. He shows protectiveness towards his sister. Boruto shares his father’s strong personality and wild spirit.

Who is Rock Lee’s brother?

During the opening of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, the character who wears a green jumpsuit is named Metal Lee. He is a member of the Lee clan of Konohagakure.

While he has not yet had much fighting experience, Metal Lee had a strong resemblance to his father. He has dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and shiny black hair. His taijutsu skills are similar to his father. He also wears a scarf and orange leg warmers.

Despite his lack of experience in fighting, Metal has had a strong bond with his father. They spend their time training together. When it came time to practice the Eight Gates technique, Metal was nervous. But his father approved of his response.

Later on, he partnered with Hebiichigo to search a ship. He and his father began training together. They were both determined to prove that Kyoto was innocent. They also discussed their goals for the future. Their goal was to reach Chojuro and end the war.

Later on, after a tragic incident, Metal was sent to the hospital to help injured citizens. The incident was caused by an attack from Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki. He was also asked to check on his friends. He also met with teachers and discussed his goals.

Why are Rock Lee’s eyes like that?

Several fans have questioned the design of Rock Lee’s eyes. They want to know why he has round eyes. There’s no clear answer to this question. However, there are several theories.

The round eyes are not an obscure design. They are a feature that makes Rock Lee stands out from other characters in the series.

The design is supposed to symbolize the human weak point. This is especially true considering Lee’s lack of ninjutsu skills. However, Rock Lee has also overcome this weakness. His speed and endurance are two features that he has mastered.

Although Rock Lee’s eyes are not as sharp as those of his mother Tenten, they still have a shape that resembles Tenten. This is especially true when compared to the eyes of another character, Might Guy.

This character also has sharp eyes, but they resemble the eyes of Tenten. However, his eyes are not round like Rock Lee’s. They look more like a dragon’s eyes.

Another character in the series is Azami, the granddaughter of Master Chen. He’s also mentioned in the end credits. However, it’s not clear whether he has any role in the series.


Apparently, Kurotsuchi is Metal Lee’s mom. However, this is not confirmed by the series makers. Hence, fans have their own theories.

In fact, this is the only female character in the Naruto series who is known to be a bashful. This character is also known for cooking noodles.

According to one Reddit user, this is because the character is a combination of Rock Lee and Tenten. The fact that this character is related to Rock Lee is not surprising since the pair had a strong bond. The character is also very down to earth. He even shows a good Chinese fashion sense, just like Rock Lee.

It is also likely that Tenten is Metal Lee’s mother, since the latter’s eyes are similar to the former’s. The former is a bashful character, while the latter has a more reasonable personality. This may also be the reason why Metal Lee was not shy when he was younger.

Aside from Tenten, other possible parents of Metal Lee are Tenten’s mother, Kurotsuchi, Azami, and even Might Guy. However, the latter three are not confirmed by the series makers. Hence, this is not the most likely explanation.

Among other theories, the most popular one is that of Tenten. The character was a close friend of Rock Lee. He also took care of the latter in some episodes. Since Tenten is the same age as Rock Lee, it may be a good match.

While Tenten is not necessarily the mother of Metal, it is the most probable explanation. However, other theories are more believable, such as that of Kurotsuchi, Azami, and Might Guy.

However, even if this is the case, it is unlikely that Metal’s mother is the star of the show. The character would have more information if her mother was revealed.


Among all the popular characters in Boruto: The Last Hope, the most intriguing may be Tenten Lee. She is not only Rock Lee’s wife, but also his mother. This character is a good match for Lee in terms of balance and balance of personality.

Unlike most female characters in the series, Tenten is down to earth and sensible. She doesn’t go for the flashy and expensive. However, she does share some similarities with Metal Lee. For instance, she is well versed in the art of weapons.

Another common attribute is her eye shape. According to legend, her eyes are a mirror image of Metal’s.

Tenten has a strong relationship with Rock Lee. She was the only female member of Rock Lee’s old squad. However, she was shocked when she learned that her partner was engaged to a younger girl. Fortunately, she and Lee had an easy breakup on good terms.

In terms of the technical side, Tenten has some advantages over other couples. Firstly, she is the only one who can actually show the metal of the millisecond. This means she is able to do something that other couples can’t.

Secondly, she is one of the few female characters to actually engage in a battle. She had a close encounter with Temari but was not able to defeat him. She also lost a battle with Chen but returned to her village with a sour face.

Overall, Tenten Lee is the only female character in Boruto: The Last Hope that is worth noting. She is also one of the few female characters who actually gets a date.

In the future, Tenten Lee may be shown in more episodes. She is also the only female character in the series that falls under the same dynamic as the other characters.

Ino Yamanaka

Despite being one of the main characters of the Yamanaka Clan, Ino Yamanaka has never been revealed to be Metal Lee’s mother. Unlike his father, Rock Lee, he is a shy and self-conscious ninja who isn’t good at interacting with people.

In works part-time as a botanist, and she has a flower shop in her village. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Ino encouraged her team mates to stay strong. She also encouraged her team mates to work together as a team. She is very confident and motivated.

Ino also has the ability to perform the Mind Body Disturbance technique, which alters an opponent’s mind. She is also adept at using poisons. She is able to create poisons using her botanist knowledge.

As the head of the Yamanaka Clan, Ino is very strong. She is also an expert in Medical Ninjutsu, a taijutsu technique that allows her to heal fatal wounds.

Ino wears a high-collared purple blouse. She also wears mesh armor on her thighs. Her outfit also includes a mesh warmer on her left arm and a forehead protector. She also wears a stud earring.

She is also a member of the Allied Mother Force, which is a group that helps the Yamanaka Clan. She is also the head of the Intelligence division of the Hidden Leaf Village. Her teammates include Chocho Akimichi, a member of the Akimichi clan.

As the Head of the Yamanaka Clan Ino also works part-time as the Medical Ninja. She has a strong background in taijutsu and can perform Mind Body Disturbance techniques, which are used to force a group of enemies to attack.

As one of the most important Naruto mothers, Ino is a great character. She is also very confident and motivated, and she tends to take charge of her team mates in battle.

Might Guy

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Other characters

Several fans still do not know the identity of Metal Lee’s mom. This mystery has perplexed Boruto fandom for years. Several theories have been proposed. However, the series makers have not confirmed the identity of Metal Lee’s mother. Some fans believe that Kurotsuchi is the mother of Metal Lee. However, there is no evidence that the two of them have ever had a relationship.

Another theory is that Metal Lee is the son of Tenten and Rock Lee. While Tenten is not married to Rock Lee, they have a solid reputation for being a strong team. Tenten cares about Rock Lee. She is also known to be a very sensible character. Her eye color is supposed to be the same as Metal Lee’s eye color.

While Tenten is not the mother of Metal Lee, there is a good possibility that she is. This theory is supported by the fact that she is the most obvious partner of Rock Lee in his youth. She was also the only female member of Rock Lee’s old squad. Her relationship with Rock Lee was great. However, Sakura rejected Rock Lee’s offer of a girlfriend.

Tenten is also known to be a very skilled weapon user. She is also one of the most sensible couples in the series. This trait may have helped her survive in a tough competition. However, she is not in competition with Rock Lee.

Besides being a good fighter, Metal Lee has a good personality. His hair is black and his eyebrows are thick. His eyes are brown. He has bandages on his hands, and his scarf is also a neck warmer. He suffers from social anxiety. He is also known to be a taijutsu expert. He attends the Konoha Ninja Academy.

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