Snactiv is a Shark Tank Snacking Tool

Snactiv is a shark tank snacking tool that helps users snack hands-free. It’s a cross between tweezers and chopsticks, and it attaches to your index and middle finger.

You can use it to snack while gaming, working on a computer, or creating. It keeps your hands clean and allows you to focus on what matters most!

How Did Snactiv Get Started?

It’s no secret that snacking can be a great way to pass the time while working or gaming. However, it can also be a hassle if you’re trying to keep your hands clean and don’t want to make a mess of your devices.

Luckily, a new invention called Snactiv has finally solved this problem! The tweezer-chopstick hybrid helps you eat snacks without leaving your fingers dirty or smearing them on your device.

Snactiv’s creators, Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, had an idea for a multitasking tool that would keep their hands clean while snacking and working or gaming. Initially, they launched the product on Kickstarter and raised $41,700 from 911 backers.

After that, they began manufacturing their snacking utensil and soon started getting orders from around the world. Despite initial competition from cheap knockoffs, Snactiv quickly rose above the crowd and became a market leader.

The founders of Snactiv are Kevin and Edwin Choi, who both have extensive experience in developing products for various companies and organizations. They are both graduates of the Otis College of Art and Design and have worked at companies such as Disney, Magic Jump Inc, and Mattel.

How Does Snactiv Work?

Snactiv is a finger chopstick-like snacking tool that lets you munch on your favorite foods without getting them dirty. It’s designed to fit snugly between your index and middle fingers, enabling you to shove snacks into your mouth without messing them up or transferring grease to your gaming pad, phone, keyboard, or any other electronic device.

Snacking is an essential part of a person’s daily life, but messy hands are a common problem that many people face. Fortunately, Snactiv was created by two talented entrepreneurs who wanted to create a product that solved this issue.

The brains behind Snactiv are Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, both of whom have a background in design and business. Kevin completed his BFA in toy design from Otis College of Art and Design while Edwin earned a BSc from NYU Stern School of Business.

Using their combined skills, the friends founded Inoobi Incorporated to launch Snactiv. They first pitched the idea on Kickstarter, which was able to raise $41,700.

The friends soon began selling Snactiv to retailers, and they saw the product as a hit within months of its release. They also got a deal on Shark Tank, which brought them even more attention from potential customers and investors.

Preparing for Shark Tank with Snactiv

Snacking is a great way to keep you going, but it can be messy. Many snacks are greasy, which makes it difficult to clean your fingers and devices. This can lead to germs.

In an effort to solve this problem, two entrepreneurs created Snactiv, a tweezer-chopstick hybrid snacking tool that can be used while working or playing on your device. The Snactiv product was first pitched on Kickstarter, which helped them raise $41,700 and tweak the design before they appeared on Shark Tank.

Founders Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho are both engineers and designers with experience in designing and launching new products. They were able to quickly develop Snactiv, which is now a company in Los Angeles called Inoobi Incorporated.

They have worked with big companies like Netflix, Disney, Mattel, ZipRecruiter, Fuhu, and Marvel. They have also had a lot of experience in releasing new products and promoting them.

During their Shark Tank pitch, Kevin and Evan demonstrated how their product works. They showed how the tweezer-chopstick combination helps them pick up messy snacks without getting their hands dirty or their devices dirty. The Sharks were impressed by their unique solution and agreed to a deal with Lori Greiner and guest shark Kevin Hart for $200,000 plus 10% equity.

What did Shark Tank think of Snactiv’s pitch?

Snactiv is a snacking tool that allows you to eat snacks without getting your fingers dirty. It combines the features of tweezers and chopsticks, and slips onto your index and middle finger.

Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, the creators of Snactiv, came to Shark Tank Season 13 seeking $200,000 for 10% equity in their product. They were able to secure a deal with Lori Greiner and Kevin Hart, who liked the product because it was simple yet useful.

They were also impressed by the fact that they had already sold $187,000 in units. This prompted them to take the idea to retail and expand it in Asia.

The Sharks all liked the pitch and were amazed by its simplicity. During the show, they also noticed that the product was very useful and convenient for hardcore streamers who are always looking for a way to eliminate mess from their hands while gaming. They also liked the pitch’s professional-looking presentation.

How Did Snactiv Fare After Shark Tank?

If you’re not familiar with Shark Tank, it’s a TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors (known as “sharks”). If the sharks like the idea, they may invest in the company.

In Snactiv’s case, the founders were looking for $200,000 in exchange for 10% equity. They knew that this was a high ask, but they were confident in their product and their passion for the business.

They also hoped that their sales and pending utility patent would persuade the sharks to make a deal. However, they were still surprised when Kevin O’Leary offered them $200k for 10% equity and a royalty of $1 per unit.

The company had already made over $187k in sales and had international purchase orders of $50k. They were also planning to expand internationally in 2022.

Is Snactiv still operating?

When it comes to snacking and working, it can be a challenge to avoid messy fingers and greasy devices. Thankfully, a new utensil called Snactiv has been designed to solve this problem.

Snactiv is a tweezer-chopstick hybrid that fits between your fingers and allows you to pick up snacks without allowing them to get dirty, and it also prevents crumbs from falling on your devices. Invented by Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, it was brought to Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 10 in hopes of getting an investment.

The team behind Snactiv consists of engineers and designers who have worked for major companies such as Mattel, Disney, Marvel, and ZipRecruiter. They have a lot of experience in releasing and promoting new products.

They first appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 10 and asked for $200,000 in exchange for 10% equity. The sharks initially laughed at their idea, but they eventually showed interest. Ultimately, Kevin O’Leary offered them $200,000 for a 10% stake and $1 per unit royalty until they made back $1 million.

How much is the Snactiv Snacking Tool net worth?

Snactiv is a unique snacking tool that is designed to allow users to enjoy their favorite snacks without getting their hands dirty. The device allows you to munch on chips, Cheetos, and other snacks while working on your computer or watching a video.

It was developed by two young entrepreneurs named Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, who both graduated from Otis College of Art and Design. They have extensive experience in producing a variety of items ranging from software to toys.

After pitching on Shark Tank, Snactiv earned a deal with Kevin Hart and Lori Greiner for $200,000 for 20% equity. It was their first time pitching on the show, and they wanted to make a big impact.

They were originally looking to get $200K for a 10% equity stake in their company, but they ended up accepting a joint deal with both sharks. They were able to get this deal because both sharks agreed that they could make the product sell well.

SNACTIV is currently selling for $16 on their website, and customers can also pay an extra $3 for a case to store the snacking tool. The product has been receiving positive feedback from consumers and is likely to remain popular for a long time.

Final Words

A pair of hungry entrepreneurs created the shark tank snacking tool – an invention that makes your phone, computer, tablet, and snooper gadgets clean by not allowing them to get dirty from food crumbs. Originally developed for Kickstarter in October 2021, it’s quickly gained popularity with consumers worldwide.

The founders are a young and talented duo who has a wealth of experience in the product development and marketing industries. Kevin completed his BFA from the Otis College of Art and Design and has worked for a number of popular brands including Disney, Magic Jump Inc, and Mattel [2]. Edwin holds a Bachelor’s degree in business from NYU Stern School of Business, and has also worked at Mattel, Fuhu, and ZipRecruiter.

They pitched their invention to a panel of sharks on the popular reality TV show, and the outcome was quite impressive. While the company didn’t receive a deal from the sharks, they did get some valuable advice about the future of their business. After all, it’s not every day that you have the chance to pitch your idea for an investment in front of the sharks on television.

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